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Every church has a back door.

We help you close it.

Reach Guests

Keep Guests

Make disciples

The average church guest makes up their mind if they’ll come back for a second visit within  7 minutes  of driving in the parking lot.

Long before you step into the pulpit and deliver the sermon you’ve been working on all week, people are deciding if they’ll come back for a second visit.

we’re here to  encourage  you, not shame you.

We’ve been right where you are and have felt the way you are feeling. We teach principles and systems that can be applied to churches of all sizes, and we theme each conference to stretch and challenge you to break new barriers.

Learn from leaders at:

You aren’t failing.

Your  systems  are.

When you decided to go into ministry, it was because you felt a call to seek and save the lost, to make disciples, to fulfill the Great Commission.

But somewhere along the way the pressure of Sunday coming week after week after week took over and your focus shifted from reaching new people to teaching the ones already in your church.

This tension has left you feeling like you’re failing to make disciples in your community.

That’s normal. Every pastor experiences this frustration at one point or another.

Here’s how we help:

The Free First Impressions Bundle

These free resources, including 10 editable connection card samples and 4 PDF guide books, will help you build your guest experience ministry and see guests return to your church!

Fall 2022

Our Spring Online Conference

Join us this Spring as we feature speakers, communicators, authors, storytellers, pastors, and guest services directors to teach, train, and encourage us. We’re going to dive into culture.

Print Store + Worship Supplies

Banners, flags, signage, lanyards, coffee mugs – you name it – if it can be printed, we can do it! You can get everything you need to reach and keep new guests all in one place so you can focus less on supplies and more on people.

Hear from others in your shoes

“The First Impressions Conference is a great opportunity to hear from some amazing speakers on a variety of topics. There are sessions for people across the organization to gain relevant and timely information to help them shape and execute their mission. After the conference you will feel encouraged about the importance of what you do and challenged to improve and innovate on how you do it.”

– Rob McEwan, Environments Director – Traders Point Christian Church

“I have attended many worthwhile conferences in my ministry career. While I had full confidence this conference would be worthwhile I was hesitant to attend another virtual event. I was BLOWN away with the exceptional speakers, expansive content, the flow and ease in the schedule, and the high quality of video and audio. This is in the top 3 of all time conferences I’ve attended! Thank you Greg and team for all your hard work!”

– Julie Priestley, Fowlerville UB Church

“The First Impressions Conference is a conference where you get an incredible ROI. The information is so applicable and inspiring and will help take any church to the next level. It’s like drinking from a fire hydrant, but the access you get to the sessions afterward help you drink in all the information slowly. We are already registered for next year.

JT Terrazas, Lead Pastor – Hope City Community Church

“I LOVE this conference! So much practical information and inspiration, not only for myself as the leader, but also for my team. I also love the community that has formed and the ideas and encouragement that are shared even after the conference is over. I highly recommend this to anyone serving in church ministry!!”

– Kim Shelton, Crossroads Community Church

The process to start  reaching  and  keeping  people is simple.

Get The Free First Impressions Bundle.

These free resources will give you practical steps you can start implementing today.

Attend The First Impressions Conference.

You’ll hear from the leading experts inside the church and in the business world on how to connect with people and make them want to keep coming back.

Reach And Keep New People.

Once you implement the systems we give you, we guarantee you’ll reach new people and keep them in your church once they arrive.

Join our community!

We have assembled over 25,000 church leaders from around the world to talk about the weekend worship experience and next steps for guests each and every day.

avoid the discouragement of preaching to empty seats.

start  making disciples of everyone  who walks through your door.

We’ve got merch!

The fun part of conferences is repping the merch when you get back home. Our conference is online, but you can still get all kinds of gear. It’s like the merch table, but on your computer.

We’ve got signage!

Equip the members of your church with the tools they need to invite your community to visit your church next Sunday with Invitation Cards, Connection Cards, Offering Envelopes, Bulletin Shells and more.

Your first-impression matters. From the parking lot to the auditorium, make your first-impression STAND OUT with outdoor flags, sidewalk signs, fabric pop-up displays and more.