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First Impressions Conference
First Impressions Conference
First Impressions Conference

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Day One

Nona Jones

From Social Media To Social Ministry: A Guide To Digital Discipleship

Ryan Wakefield

The Ultimate First Impressions Game Changer

Katie Allred

How To Reach Your Community Using Facebook Groups

Dave Adamson

3 Tips To Help Your Church Get The Most Out Of YouTube

Carlos Whittaker

How To Be A Moment Making Experience Guru

Brian Tome

Innovating In The New Normal

Social Media Panel

Featuring Greg Atkinson, Alejandro Reyes, Nils Smith, & Haley Veturis

Heather Heuman

3 Social Media Secrets To Get Your Church’s Posts Seen on Facebook

Tim Stevens

Four Things Your Church Should Be Considering For A Post-COVID World

Bobby Gruenewald

Innovation In The Church

Tyler Smith

Boomerang: The Power Of Effective Guest Follow-Up

Ben Stapley

Church Online Chat Host Best Practices

David Russell

Values To Guide Your Online Ministry

Alan George

When ‘2020 Vision’ Gets A Little Blurry

Jeanne Stevens

Leading Through Uncertainty

TaQuinda Marie

Displaying Your Church Culture Online

Steve Fogg

How Digital Disruption Can Accelerate Your Church Growth Online

Adam McLaughlin

3 Ways Your Efforts To Make Your Church’s Guests Feel Welcomed Are Backfiring

Rick Warren

Taking The Church To The Community When They Can’t Come To You

Day Two

Tim Lucas

Leading Like Issachar: How To Understand The Times (And What To Do)

Evan Courtney

Turning Website Clicks Into Engaged Attenders

Ted Vaughn

2020: The Year That Changed Everything. Should your brand change with it?

Olu Brown

Navigating A New Season

Bob Goff

Everybody Always – Hospitality in the New Season

Cheryl Bachelder

Dare. Serve. Perform. – What Leaders Do In A Time Like This

Mel McGowan

Lessons From Disney: From The Magic Kingdom to God’s Kingdom

Joanna La Fleur

How to Make The Good News Sound Like Good News

Mike Santiago

The Virus That Rewired Us

Tom Kang

The One Non-Negotiable

Mark MacDonald

First Impression: Be Known For Something

Edrin Williams

Hospitality, Mercy, and Justice

Naeem Fazal

Being A Soft Place For People In Our Lives

Michael Tuszynski

Three Months To A More Effective Ministry

Cheryl Nembhard

Church Communications As Ministry

Drake Farmer, Daniel Im, & Aleina Harrower

The Leadership Survival Guide: Leading & Communicating Through Crisis

Josh Reich

Engaging People During the Week With Your Sermon

Mark DeYmaz

Disruptive Church Leadership

Efrem Smith

The Road to Discipleship and Reconciliation

Jonathan Malm

Relaunching Your Volunteer Teams

Jeremy Poland

Photography Tips For A Great First Impression

Will Gravely

Making Space For Unity In A Divided World

Phil Bowdle

3 Things For Your Church To Rethink

Stephen Brewster

4 Questions That Will Bring Clarity To Your Next Step

Danielle Strickland

Embracing Transition

Day Three

Earl McClellan

Leading In A New Season

Brady Shearer

The New Rules For Church Growth In A Post-Pandemic World

Brandon Cox

4 Ways To Pastor Every Guest

Kenny Jahng

How To Create A Repeat Visitor Machine For Your Church

Thom Rainer

First Impressions Post-Quarantine

Mark Batterson

Leading in a New Season

Trey Sheneman

No Losses, Only Lessons: You Never Really Lose

Justin Trapp

The Most Important Currency For New Guests

Christopher Harris

Impacted By Skin Color

Jenni Catron

The Key To Leading With Clarity And Confidence

Will Mancini

10 Mind-Blowing Facts To Fuel Your Guest Ministry

Michael Lukaszewski

Bridging The Digital Physical Divide

Chris Chase

We Need You Too

Brian Dodd

The Power Of The First 10 Minutes

Jacob Schmelzer

How To Create A Pre-Attender Path

Jeff Henderson

First Impressions In A New World

Terry Smith

Hospitable Leadership in a New Season

Rommel Manio

The Now And The New! What Was versus What Will Be…

Brooklynn Warren

Pivoting Your Perspective

Sammy Flores

Guest Services Pre-COVID And The Pivot To The New New Normal

Greg Curtis

How To Create An Online Program That Actually Connects Guests To Your Church

Kyle Sullivan

The Leader’s Responsibility In A New Normal

Carey Nieuwhof

Beyond The Streams

Breakout Videos

Chris Abbott

The Future of Plan Your Visit: How To Get Hundreds Of New Families To Visit Your Church

Bob Adams

Building Bridges To Your Neighbors

Carl Barnhill

2 Quick Tips For Creating A Great First Impression Online

Brian Beauford

5 Types Of Secret Shoppers Your Church Needs

Todd Bishop

The New Normal- Engaging Guests Online

Jason Burns

Framework For The Future

Marcy Carrico

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

Jason Caston

The Future Of The Online Church…Don’t Get Caught Off Guard Again

Cliff Cesar

Navigating Your Online Community

Dennis Choy

Being EFFICIENT Isn’t Always The Right Choice In Ministry

Christy Childers

Lessons I Learned While Making Disciples At A Fortune 100 Company

Tim Cool

Does The Condition Of Your Facility Matter To A Guest?

Paul Cox

Church Websites: Tips and Tricks

Erin English

Navigating A New Season In Family Ministry

John Finkelde

7 Habits I Formed To Avoid Burnout, Adultery And Worse Over 38 Years Of Ministry

David Fletcher

Digital First Impressions

Dave Gibbons

Compassion and hospitality in the era of COVID-19.

Sam & Angel Gualtieri

The Perfect Welcome

Eddie Hammett

Creating A Reliable Ministry For Our Chaotic World

Jeff Hook

A ‘One-Size-Fits-All Church Experience’ No Longer Works! Now What?

Laura Howe

How To Support Those Who Are Suffering

Joshua Irmler

Turning Watchers Into Worshipers: A Digital Strategy To Dramatically Improve Your Online Church Views, Watch Times & Overall Engagement

Sly King

“Leave No One Behind” A Guide To The Assimilation Process In This New Season

Karina Lopez

Keeping Online Church Momentum

Shawn Lovejoy

Building A Killer Team Without Killing Yourself Or Your Team!

Brian Mann

Social Distance Storytelling

Seth Muse

Session Title

Ariel Nieves

3 Simple Strategies For Church Growth In A Pandemic

Myron Pierce

Taking Digital Missional

Jeff Reed

If The Answer Is Our Buildings Or Even Church Online, Then We’re Probably Asking The Wrong Question

Heredes Ribeiro

What I Learned From Being On Netflix’s Tiger King

Tyler Rominger

The 4 Things Your Website Must Do!

Tyler Sansom

Interview with Greg Atkinson on Online Church

Paul Sohn

A Proven Process Of Raising Up Millennials

DJ Soto

The Future Of Faith

Chris Vacher

Five Lenses Every Church Must Look Through

Len Wilson

How Churches Really Grow

Brian Wurzell

5 Pillars For Making Your Weekend Experience More Engaging

Jeanette Danson Yates

Your Plan A Visit Strategy

Children’s Ministry Panel

Featuring Tom Bump, Dale Hudson, & Trisha Peach

Guest Services Panel

Featuring Greg Atkinson, Deni Brumbach, Kristin Dawsey, & Jami Felver

Scott Ball & A.J. Mathieu from The Malphurs Group

Seizing the Moment: Leveraging Clarity in a New Season