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First Impressions Conference


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Welcome to the Fall 2023 One Day Virtual Event

First Impressions Conference ONLINE

Join us for an empowering and practical conference designed specifically for church leaders and pastors who are passionate about creating welcoming environments for their congregations. At this year’s conference, we are bringing together guest services experts and practitioners from around the world to share their knowledge and experience in making first-time guests feel welcomed and loved.

Date: Nov. 9th   Location: ONLINE

Why Attend?

  1. Gain Expertise: Learn from leading experts in the field of hospitality and first impressions as they share their insights, strategies, and best practices. Our carefully curated lineup of speakers will equip you with the tools and knowledge to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for every visitor to your church.
  2. Practical Training: Get ready for hands-on, practical training sessions that focus on real-world scenarios faced by church leaders and pastors. Discover actionable steps to implement immediately in your own congregation, ensuring that your first-time guests feel embraced and valued from the moment they walk through your doors.
  3. Inspiration and Encouragement: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for hospitality and creating a loving church community. Engage in uplifting conversations, share success stories, and draw inspiration from one another’s experiences. You’ll leave the conference with renewed motivation and fresh ideas to take your church’s first impressions to the next level.

Conference Highlights:

  • Keynote Presentations: Hear from renowned guest services experts who have a proven track record in creating welcoming environments in churches across the nation. Gain insights from their experiences and discover innovative approaches to making guests feel at home.
  • Interactive Workshops: Dive deep into specific aspects of guest services and first impressions through interactive workshops led by industry professionals. These sessions will provide you with practical strategies to implement in your own church, ensuring every visitor feels the warmth of your congregation.
  • Hear from Sponsors: Hear from hand-picked sponsors who understand your world and have created resources to aid your ministry. This event allows you to be introduced to new resources for your ministry.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn, grow, and be inspired at the Fall 2023 First Impressions Conference. Together, we can ensure that every person who walks through our church doors experiences the love and warmth of our faith community.

Register now to secure your spot and embark on a journey of hospitality excellence!

If you are worried about cost and don’t have the budget to travel, we have good news! This is a FREE livestream that you can watch from anywhere in the world.


Fall 2023 Speaker Lineup

Dave Gibbons

Pastor, Speaker, Entrepreneur

Newsong Church

Jeanne Stevens

Lead Pastor

Soul City Church

Faith Eury Cho

Pastor, Church Planter, Author

Mosaic Covenant Church of NJ, The Honor Summit

Thom Rainer


Church Answers

Mac Lake

Founder, CEO

Multiply Group

Rusty George

Lead Pastor

Real Life Church

Tara Beth Leach

Senior Pastor

Good Shepherd – Naperville

Mike Santiago

Lead Pastor // Founder

Focus Church //

Jenny Randle

Author of numerous books like "Flash Theology" and Minister

Freedom Creatives

Tommy "Urban D." Kyllonen

Lead Pastor, Artist, Author

Crossover Church / Tranzlation Leadership

Esther Moreno


Child’s Heart LLC

Karl Vaters


Helping Small Churches Thrive

Tyler Smith


Text In Church

Ben Stapley

Executive Pastor

The Life Christian Church

Ryan Wakefield


Church Marketing University

Breakout Speakers Only Seen with the VIP Replay Pass

Greg Atkinson


First Impressions Conference

Katie Allred


Church Communications

Phil Cooke

Co-Founder and President

Cooke Media Group

Chris Chase

Lead Pastor Newmarket Site/Digital Pastor

The Meeting House

Day Edwards



Steven Fogg

Online Pastor


Kate Partain Brown

Guest Services Director

Faith Church

Nils Smith


Amplify Social Media

Todd Tolson


The Church Playbook

Cliford Gray

Church Planting Pastor

Launching Pad Church

Ariel Nieves


Thrive Church Coaching

Kelly Lippenholz

Director of Leadership Training and Development

Church of the Nativity

Myron Pierce


Own The Pond

Sovann Pen

Licensed Professional Counselor

Eastside Imago Community

Trey McKnight

Jackie Glass

Hosted By

Jackie Glass
Sherrie Anderson

Trey McKnight

Sherrie Anderson

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Why Should You Attend?

We’ve been right where you are and have felt the way you are feeling. We teach principles and systems that can be applied to churches of all sizes, and we theme each conference to stretch and challenge you to break new barriers.

Why Attend

The Fall 2023 First Impressions Conference takes place ONLINE on Nov. 9th.

You can watch the livestream from anywhere in the world (your home, office, coffee shop, church – you name it!

What Leaders Are Saying

Why Attend

“The First Impressions Conference is a great opportunity to hear from some amazing speakers on a variety of topics. There are sessions for people across the organization to gain relevant and timely information to help them shape and execute their mission. After the conference you will feel encouraged about the importance of what you do and challenged to improve and innovate on how you do it.”

-Rob McEwan, Traders Point Christian Church

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