First Impressions Conference First Impressions Conference
First Impressions Conference
First Impressions Conference
First Impressions Conference

Unprecedented. The word has been used more in 2020 than any time in history. We are living in what historians will look back on as one of the most fascinating and important times of the Church’s history.

We are gathering a diverse group of thinkers, communicators, speakers, authors, storytellers, pastors, guest services practitioners and pioneers to encourage us in a new season of innovation and creativity. Join us on this adventure of reaching and engaging with guests.

Learn from

Thought Leaders

Hear from speakers like Carey Nieuwhof, Bob Goff, Carlos Whittaker, Earl McClellan, Nona Jones, Thom Rainer, Dave Gibbons, Will Mancini, Shawn Lovejoy, Greg Atkinson, Rich Birch, Tim Lucas, Katie Allred, Stephen Brewster, Brian Wurzell, Phil Bowdle, David Fletcher, Ryan Wakefield, Christy Childers, Jeanne Stevens, Daniel Im, Ted Vaughn, Barbara Carneiro, Mark Waltz, Greg Curtis, Dan Southerland, Tim Stevens, John Finkelde, Ariel Nieves, Chris Abbott, Justin Dean, Chuck Scoggins, Mark MacDonald, Nils Smith, Jason Caston, Jeanette Danson Yates, Brandon Cox, Michael Lukaszewski, Jacob Schmelzer, Chris Vacher, Heather Heuman, Nik Goodner, Adam Mclaughlin, Haley Veturis, Ben Stapley, TaQuinda Marie, Steve Fogg, Christopher J. Harris, Paul Cox, Dawn Nicole Baldwin, Eddie Hammett, Myron Pierce, D.J. Soto, Tyler Sansom, Justin Trapp, Erin English, Jonathan Malm, Joshua Irmler, Ashley Jensen, Mike Santiago, Eddie Hammett, Jeremy Poland, Seth Muse, Cliff Cesar, Brian Mann, Carl Barnhill, Kyle Sullivan, VOUS Church, Mark DeYmaz and Evan Courtney.

Hosted by Trey McKnight.

The rest of the speaker lineup is TBA.

Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place.

Henri Nouwen

When your guests return for a second look, you’ve won 80 percent of the battle of gaining new regular attenders and have drastically increased the chances that they will begin a journey with Christ.

Nelson Searcy