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May 10-12, 2023.

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At our upcoming church leadership conference, we will explore the power of kindness and its impact on our churches and communities. As leaders, it is our responsibility to create welcoming and accepting environments for all who enter our doors. By embracing kindness and empathy, we can foster a sense of belonging and connection among our congregations and ultimately make a positive impact on the world around us.

As we come together, we will discuss the importance of being kind churches and kind leaders. We will learn how to better serve our weekly guests and create a sense of community and support within our congregations. We will also explore practical ways to incorporate kindness into our daily interactions and decision-making processes.

We invite you to join us and discover the transformative power of kindness. By coming together and sharing our experiences and insights, we can learn from one another and take steps toward becoming the kind, welcoming, and accepting churches that we strive to be. Together, we have the power to make a positive difference in the world.

You’ll hear from nearly 40 leading experts inside the church and in the business world on how to connect with people and make them want to keep coming back.

Our focus is on creating welcoming environments for members and guests each weekend.

Learn From

Leaders & Practitioners

Mark Batterson

Lead Pastor

National Community Church

Bob Goff

New York Times Best Selling Author, Speaker

Love Does

Danielle Strickland

Spiritual Servant

Boundless Communications Inc.

Wayne Francis

Lead Pastor

The Life Church New York

Dr. Chinwé Williams

Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist

Meaningful Solutions Counseling & Consulting

Mark Lee

Nelson Searcy

Founding / Teaching Pastor

The Journey Church

Faith Cho

Co-lead Pastor/ CEO

Mosaic Covenant Church of NJ / The Honor Summit

bryan carter

Senior Pastor

Concord Church

Faitth Brooks

Writer and Speaker

FRBrooks Co., LLC

Mark Lee

Mark Lee

Lead Pastor

VantagePoint Church

Retha Nichole


HillRidge Company

Tim Lucas

Tim Lucas

Lead Pastor

Liquid Church

Efrem Smith

Co-Lead Pastor-Midtown Church/Co-Owner-Influential LLC

Midtown Church/Influential LLC

Kristin Fry

Executive Consultant


Ricky Jenkins

Senior Pastor

Southwest Church

Aaron Burke

Lead Pastor

Radiant Church

Christopher J Harris

Executive Pastor

Crossover Church

Tim Lucas

Scott Todd



Greg Atkinson

Founder & CEO

First Impressions Conference

Mark Lee

Ron Edmondson

Lead Pastor

Immanuel Baptist Church

Steve Sjogren


Kindness Outreach Ministries

Keri Ladouceur

Pastor of Innovation

Community Christian Church

Michael Beck

Director of Fresh Expressions

United Methodist Church

Esther Moreno

Children's Ministry Influencer/Next-gen Thought leader, Author, Speaker,

Child’s Heart LLC

Jen Bennett

Professor, Host of the She Impacts Culture Podcast, Author, and Speaker.

Brian Dodd

Founder and Content Coordinator

Brian Dodd On Leadership

Chris Chase

Lead Pastor - Newmarket Community/Digital Pastor

The Meeting House

Jason Bentley

Lead Pastor

WaterVue Church

Mark MacDonald

Founder, Brand Strategist

Be Known For Something Branding Agency

Mark Lee

Evan Courtney

Executive Pastor

The Fields Church

Makeeta Keys


Keys to Lead, LLC

Brady Sticker

Founder & CEO


Heather Palacios


Wondherful, Inc

Marcy Carrico

Communications Team Lead

Vision Church

Tim Lucas

Aaron Hoover

Pastor and Author

Traders Point Christian Church

Rachel Billups

Lead Pastor

New Albany United Methodist Church

Tim Lucas

Laura Howe


Hope Made Strong

Trey McKnight
Hosted By

Trey McKnight

Why should you attend?

We’ve been right where you are and have felt the way you are feeling. We teach principles and systems that can be applied to churches of all sizes, and we theme each conference to stretch and challenge you to break new barriers.

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The Spring 2023 First Impressions Conference will be livestreamed on May 10-12, 2023.

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“I have attended many worthwhile conferences in my ministry career. While I had full confidence this conference would be worthwhile I was hesitant to attend another virtual event. I was BLOWN away with the exceptional speakers, expansive content, the flow and ease in the schedule, and the high quality of video and audio. This is in the top 3 of all time conferences I’ve attended! Thank you Greg and team for all your hard work!”

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